Jack Frost: Thought That I Was Over You

Thought That I Was Over You
Dub Threshold (Nightmare Mix)
Jack's Dream CD, cassette single only

Released in 1991 on 7" vinyl, as a CD single and as a cassette single: Australia: Polydor/Red Eye 879 856-7 (7")
Australia: Polydor/Red Eye 879 857-2 (CD single)
Australia: Polydor/Red Eye 879 857-4 (cassette single)



Produced by Steve Kilbey
Co-produced by Grant McLennan and Pryce Surplice

Grant McLennan: Vocals, guitars, bass
Steve Kilbey: Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums
Pryce Surplice: Drums, computers, Fairlight CMI


Cypress Pike: 1st violin
Beau Laurel: 2nd violin
Bridgette St Coeur: Viol
Nadia Komoroski: Cello
Tsen Xu: Oboe
Jim Black: Trumpet
Trini Garcia: Percussion
Karin Jansson: Backing vocals

Recorded at SSR, Balmain

All songs by Steve Kilbey & Grant McLennan