The Go-Betweens: The Friends of Rachel Worth

Side One:
Magic In Here
The Clock
German Farmhouse
He Lives My Life
Heart And Home
Surfing Magazines
Orpheus Beach
Going Blind
When She Sang About Angels

Released in September 2000 on CD and vinyl LP:
UK CD: Circus, September 2000
Germany CD: Clearspot EFA CD 05425, September 2000
Germany LP: Clearspot, September 2000
Australia CD: W Minc, September 2000
USA CD: Jetset, September 2000

Album credits:

Grant McLennan: Vocals, Guitar
Robert Forster: Vocals, Guitar, Organ
Adele Pickvance: Bass, Vocals
Janet Weiss: Drums, Vocals
Sam Coomes: Keyboards

with: Carrie Brownstein: Guitar on Going Blind
Corin Tucker: Vocals on Going Blind
Brent Arnold: Cello
Jen Chorowhas: Violin