The Go-Betweens: Before Hollywood - Expanded Edition

Disc One
A Bad Debt Follows You
Two Steps Step Out
Before Hollywood
Dusty In Here
Cattle And Cane
By Chance
As Long As That
On My Block
That Way

Disc Two
Hammer The Hammer
Heaven Says
Just A King In Mirrors
A Peaceful Wreck
Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea single version
Near The Chimney
This Girl, Black Girl
The Exception of Deception
Cattle And Cane (video)



Catalogue Number



UK Circus Records FYL010 2xCD 2002
USA Jetset TWA 047 2xCD 2002
Germany Clearspot CS062 2xCD 2002
Japan wonderground WRCD 5-6 2xCD 2002
Australia EMI 3696082 2xCD 29th July 2006


Original album (disc 1) credits:
Lindy Morrison: drums, backing vocals
Grant McLennan: bass, guitars, vocals
Robert Forster: lead and rhythm guitar, vocals

Bernard Clarke: organ and piano

Produced by John Brand at I.C.C. Studios, Eastbourne, England, October 1982

Remastered by John Dent and Jason Mitchell at Loud, March 2002

The original version of Before Hollywood was released in 1982.