The Go-Betweens: 16 Lovers Lane - Expanded Edition

Disc One:

Love Goes On!
Quiet Heart
Love Is A Sign
You Can't Say No Forever
The Devil's Eye
Streets Of Your Town
Was There Anything I Could Do?
I'm Alright
Dive For Your Memory

Disc Two:

Love Goes On! (single remix)
Wait Until June (b-side)
Mexican Postcard (b-side)
Rock And Roll Friend (b-side)
Casanova's Last Words (b-side)
You Won't Find It Again (demo)
Running The Risk Of Losing You (live)
Apples In Bed (demo)
Head Over Heels (demo)
You're A Big Girl Now (live)
Was There Anything I Could Do? (video clip)
Streets Of Your Town (video clip)



Catalogue Number



UK Lo-Max CD004 2xCD 27th September 2004
USA Jetset TWA 72 2xCD 5th November 2004
Japan Wonderground WRCD20 2xCD 18th August 2004
Australia EMI 3696002 2xCD 29th July 2006

Original album credits:

Produced by Mark Wallis

Grant McLennan: Vocals, Guitar
Robert Forster: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Lindy Morrison: Drums
Amanda Brown: Violin, Oboe, Guitar, Vocals, Oliver Tambo
John Willsteed: Bass, Guitar, Hammond Organ, Piano

The original version of 16 Lovers Lane was released in 1988.