The Go-Betweens: Live In London


Disc One:

the sound of rain
it could be anyone
your turn, my turn
hammer the hammer
people say
this girl, black girl
make her day
magic in here
poison in the walls
surfing magazines
baby stones
cattle and cane
the clock

Disc Two:

too much of one thing
he lives my life
the wrong road
right here
spring rain
here comes a city
love goes on!
the house that jack kerouac built
german farmhouse
bye bye pride
when people are dead
streets of your town
in the core of the flame

- Recorded live at the Barbican Hall, London on 27th June 2004 -

- Currently available from The Go-Betweens Store -

Playing on the album:

Robert Forster: vocals, guitars, harmonica, piano
Grant McLennan: vocals, guitars and bass
Adele Pickvance: bass, keyboards, kazoo, backing vocals
Glenn Thompson: drums, backing vocals


Audrey Riley: cello
Sue Dench: viola
Chris Tombling: violin
Richard George: violin
Dominic Kelly: oboe

Sound engineer: John Walsh
Backline technician: Henry Cross
Lighting designer: Adam Copland

Recorded by Graham Pilgrim. Mixed at Spotlight Studios, London.

Cover photograph: Nigel D Nudds

Released By Tag 5 Records(TAG 009), 9th May 2005. Available for sale only at shows on The Go-Betweens 2005 world tour.

Two tracks from this album are available for download in mp3 format:
Right Here
He Lives My Life

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