Michael Møller: Every Streetcar's Got A Name (An Album About Sex and Desire)

Every Streetcar’s Got a Name
The Lie That Keeps Us Together
Your Palace in the Morning
The Memory Of Motels
This Little Lady
A Queen Between The Sheets
Don’t Ever Kiss Him Again
The Tarantula Arms
Don’t Ever Fuck Her Again
Your Skin, Your Smell, The Noises You Make
The Girl Without Numbers On Her Back
The Skin Game
All The Girls I Lost In The Fires
A Sunday Routine
We Did It Just The Same



Catalogue Number



Denmark Glorious Records GRMM 19 CD/download 5th November 2007


Amanda Brown sings a duet with Michael Møller on the track A Sunday Routine on this album.

Michael Møller is the lead singer of Danish band Moi Caprice, who named their third album You Can't Say No Forever, released in 2005, after the Go-Betweens song of the same title.