"Finding You"

from the album "That Striped Sunlight Sound"

			     Finding You
Tabbed by: Dan Schlaack

This is how Grant and Robert played it on "The Acoustic Stories" 
which is part of the DVD "That Striped Sunlight Sound". Have fun!

(G. McLennan / R. Forster)
Capo on the 5th fret!
Verse 1:

Am             C                                              G
What would you do if you turned around and saw me beside you
Am       C                    G
Not in a dream but in a song
Am            C                             G
Would you float like a phantom or would you sing along


Don't know where I'm going
Don't know where it's flowing
G                             D
But I know it's finding you

Verse 2:

Am                   C                        G
What would you do if you saw me driving by in a car
Am                         C                 G
The quickest you've ever seen me spin
Am            C                        G
Would you smile and wave or would bow and get in?

Chorus: ...


Am                                       C
But then the lightning finds us burns away our kindness
Am                              D
We can't find a place to hide
Am                              C
Come the rainy season surrender to our treasons
Am                         D
Can we even find our tears?

Chorus: ...


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